AI & Data Analytics

Heera is bringing together its subject matter expertise combined with latest AI tech to solve some of the hot use cases in the world of AI for CPG brands. Take a quick read below to get an idea on some of the exciting things happening in this space

Object detection for asset management & monitoring

  • Leverage powerful AI/ML capabilities to have accurate visibility into your stock at outlet point

  • Reduce dependency on field force and validate using automated systems

  • Provide complete KPI calculation and visibility for each sales team member

Object Detection for Asset Mgmt & Monitoring
Face recognition for salesman attendance

Face recognition for salesman attendance

  • Manage salesman attendance by integrating facial recognition into your SFA

  • Streamlined and approval-based registration process

  • Accurate & automated workflow to introduce higher transparency

Suggested orders

  • Automate every aspect of your business and provide intelligent order suggestions to promote sales

  • Manage product distribution as per desired parameters, targets & KPIs

  • Provide suggestions for when and where it is most needed

Suggested Orders
Analytics engine for secondary sales data

Analytics engine for secondary sales data

  • Powerful tool to track secondary sales data across custom created KPIs

  • Create your own report templates within seconds & schedule as per your need

  • Manage accesses for your entire sales team

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