Expanding Retailer Base in Rural Sector


A Direct Way to increase Rural Sales

You may have an established Sales & distribution strategy for urban, but sales & distribution channels in rural India is a different animal altogether. Rural India today is primed for growth. For your brand to unlock this value a very focused strategic approach can ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Here’s a strategy which you can use to expand outlet list for your sub stockist thereby expanding the reach of your ​product in the market.


In the above table, you can see that ‘Sai Enterprise’ covers 3 villages in his area. In these 3 villages he is selling to 34 total outlets/retailers.

To expand this outlet list we can try to view the above data against the publicly available census data for each taluka or sub-district.

For Sai Enterprise – he is currently servicing only 3 villages in his area. But in the sub-district where he operates there are 87 villages in total.
This means there are 84 villages around him, where he is not selling at all. This is an opportunity. But selling to all 84 villages may not be feasible, so let’s try to dissect it a bit more.

For these 84 villages let’s look at the population distribution, also something we can get from the census.


Based on the population which may be indicative of no of outlets, you can identify which are the top few villages where there is a sales potential. In addition to this – we can further optimize this list by checking the location feasibility from the sub stockist.
With such analysis into the data, you can identify potential markets for your products and expand your coverage. All of this without adding any new sub stockists or distributors.

This is a highly simplified analysis, but we can bring in multiple parameters to arrive at opportunities in ​rural geography for Rural Distribution expansion.