Retailer App – Bringing digitization to the bottom of the distribution pyramid

In the modern age, digitization is rapidly gaining prominence within the CPG distribution landscape. It holds immense significance for CPG distributors as it offers the potential to enhance efficiency, improve collaboration, provide valuable data insights, and enhance the overall experience. However, a pertinent question arises: Can digitization provide the same level of effectiveness to retailers by streamlining processes, automating order processing, and enhancing inventory management? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” The Retailer app could be a transformative solution capable of revolutionizing the distribution operations of your numerous retailers.

What is Retailer Application?

The Retailer App is a user-friendly mobile application designed to seamlessly support your retailers with digitized and automated distribution facilities. It simplifies the ordering process for a wide range of retail establishments, including retail chains and small Kirana stores. The Retailer application enables retailers to place orders 24×7 through the app on demand. The app simplifies and improves the efficiency of the ordering process by automating this critical aspect of operations. Alongside this essential functionality, the retailer app offers retailers various benefits, such as visibility on schemes, previous order status, previous purchases, loyalty program tracking, and new company information, among other features.

Key Features of Retailer Application

1. Field order capturing

Being able to place orders on-demand means a retail store can promptly report low inventory levels or out-of-stock items to the brand or distributor only using his/her mobile phone. This facilitates timely replenishment of goods, ensuring that the store can fulfil customer demands without delays.

2. Performance Tracking and Loyalty programs

The retailer app can provide visibility to retailers regarding their targets, achievements, discounts as well as loyalty programs & rewards. Brands can implement reward programs based on retailers’ sales performance, incentivizing them to buy more and meet specific targets. This set of features ensures that retailers stay connected with the brand and have transparent access to all relevant brand information.

3. Optimal Product Assortment

Using the retailer app, brands can provide product recommendations and suggest appropriate quantities for retailers to purchase. These recommendations take into account various factors such as the retailer’s previous purchase history, the brand’s new product development efforts, seasonal demands, and the purchasing patterns of similar retailers in the area. The suggested orders can be generated through an AI/ML-based algorithm or initially through rule-based analytics. The level of personalization can be tailored to the brand’s strategy, whether it is implemented at the individual retailer level, specific retailer types, geographical regions, or other relevant levels.

What makes the retailer app the current trending phenomenon?

Currently, the ‘Retailer app’ is providing brands with a direct and efficient means of engaging retailers, streamlining order management, enhancing communication, and fostering brand loyalty. Embracing this digital solution empowers brands to optimize their operations, improve retailer satisfaction, and achieve sustained growth in the competitive market.