Top 3 Analytics-Driven Features For Your Retailer Application

Data analytics and data-driven actions are increasingly important for businesses. This technology has tremendous applications in the distribution ecosystem. Today, we will be talking about some data-based analytics use cases for retailer applications.

1. Intelligent Scheme Nudges

This feature dynamically shows retailers the next level of promotional schemes as they add products to their shopping carts. It intelligently informs retailers about additional offers they can unlock by including more items in their orders. This encourages retailers to increase their order size and take advantage of the available benefits. Intelligent Scheme Nudges help brands optimize their promotions, increase sales, and improve the retailer’s experience.
For example, let’s say a retailer named ‘Rajesh’ places an order for 16 pieces of product A. There is a scheme available for a 2% discount on purchasing 10 pieces of this product. The next level of the scheme offers a 4% discount on 20 pieces. In this situation, the app intelligently reminds the retailer to add 4 more products to reach the next discount level. This prompt helps the brand optimize the order and convince the retailer to take advantage of the higher discount.

2. Suggested order facility

By analyzing the ordering patterns and preferences of similar retailers of an area, the app provides intelligent recommendations that align with local market demand. It helps retailers make sure they have the required product range in the appropriate quantities in stock. As a result, brands will experience higher sales volume and revenue, as their products are readily available and aligned with market demand.

3. Tracking Salesmen and Capturing Retailer Order Locations

This feature includes implementing location tracking for salesmen and capturing the location of order punching through the retailer app. This will enable the brand to determine whether an order is assisted or non-assisted. By tracking the salesmen’s location, the brand can verify if the salesperson was present at the retailer’s location during order placement. Additionally, capturing the location of retailer order punching provides valuable insights into the sales process.

The retailer app has the potential to transform the way businesses operate in the dynamic retail landscape. With its powerful analytical features and streamlined functionalities, the app could help empower retailers in inventory optimization, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales growth.